Hello Adventurers~!

The Storyteller Squad is a narrative-driven actual play podcast featuring magic, mystery, and vibrant characters who inhabit a world where the supernatural and the mundane intertwine, and humans are just beginning to understand the magical Folk who share their home. Our cast uses roleplaying games and cooperative improvisation to weave stories together. If you’re seeking epic tales of adventure, healthily mixed with slice of life and queer themes of love and friendship, then join our heroes and settle in for the “10 Hours Lofi and Chill for Autumnal Lesbians and Witchy Cryptids” type storytelling that is our show. Let’s…have an adventure~!

Latest Episodes

Rogue Team and their allies must rush to the Portland harbor, where a group of ruthless Merrow are attacking not only Aaron Pike’s exploration team, but innocent civilians in the bay as well. As we see our heroes debut new magical abilities, flashy teamwork, and spectacular spell-casting, you’ll want to buckle up, Adventurers, because this
Rogue Team gets down to business as their evening at The Deep progresses. Aidan and Raven draw heavily on their agency training to search for the Selkie coat, Hugo is forced to choose between priorities, Damien samples the buffet, and Whittaker gets flirty with dangerous adversaries in a game with perilous and binding stakes. If
Hello Adventurers~! This is the trailer for The Storyteller Squad! If you’re brand new, thanks for checking us out. You can learn more about the show and find recommendations for where to start listening on our website – https://thestorytellersquad.com/ If you’re a long time listener, feel free to use this when recommending the show to