52. Fallen Angel

CONTENT WARNING: This episode features several scenes which are notably intense and intentionally frightening. Please enjoy safely, and take breaks if you find you need them. The cast of The Storyteller Squad employs our own safety tools and post-session aftercare when recording episodes like this one, and we encourage you to reach out to your own support network, should you need it. That being said, we hope you enjoy our best attempt at a horror-filled story arc. 

Aidan’s screams echo through the woods as our heroes frantically try to figure out how to save their friend from the curse afflicting her. The hunters need to act fast, or Aidan’s terrifying corrupted form could prove to be the toughest demon the team has faced yet! 

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“Don’t Rely on Your Heroes” by Bonnie Grace

“Try to Catch Me” by Bonnie Grace

“Mortal Blow” by Dream Cave

“Nevertheless She Persisted” by Bonnie Grace 

“We Will Not Yield” by Bonnie Grace

“The Storm Will Come” by Dream Cave

“Please Hear Me Out” by Philip Ayers

“As Long as We Breathe” by Dream Cave

“Intense Thrill” by Bonnie Grace

“Throbbing Anxiety” by Dream Cave

“Choose Wisely” by Dream Cave

“In Continuum” by Dream Cave

“Nerve” by Dream Cave 

“Rise From the Shadows” by Hampus Naeselius

“Tension” by Isaac Williams

“Personal Vendetta” by Edgar Hopp

“Rise from the Ruins” by Edgar Hopp

“Decisions Must be Made” by Jon Bjōrk

“The Reaping” by Jon Bjōrk

“Creeping Shadows” by Max Anson

“An Abyss of Sadness” by Jon Bjōrk

“Release the Fire” by FormantX

“Heroica” by Eoin Mantell

“Phoenix Rising” by Edgar Hopp

“Wild Betrayal” by Bonnie Grace

“Forbidden Dream” by Max Anson

“Boost” by Dream Cave

“The Folk” by Isaac Williams

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” by Dream Cave

“Warning Signal” by Max Anson

“Step on Up” by Rockin’ for Decades

“Codex” by Anthony Earls

“Physical (Instrumental)” by Parellite

“There Are No Heroes” by Philip Ayers

“Honor At Last” by Bonnie Grace

“The Triumph” by Edgar Hopp

“Hold Me Tighter” by Rupert Sachs

“Fire Storm 5” by Fredrik Ekstrom

“Final Target in Sight” by Trailer Worx

“Guardians” by Dream Cave

“Last Strike For Glory” by Dream Cave

“Last Petal Falls” by Jon Bjōrk

“Wild Magic” by Isaac Williams

“Autumn Falls Theme” by Radovan Jekic

Tracks by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com) 

Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

More Tracks and SFX courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com