61. Go Home Brave Monster Hunters

In the aftermath of The Battle of Atlantic City, our heroes take time to heal their wounds, process emotions, and simply be with each other. As the world prepares for great change, on the eve of a new era, our heroes look ahead towards an uncertain, but exciting future.  

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“Still Asleep” by Emily Rubye

“Magic Surroundings” by Drift Far Away

“Affinity” by Gavin Luke

“Please Stop Time” by Gold In June

“The Sanctuary Within” by Erasmus Talbot

“Words We Never Spoke” by Million Eyes

“Cherry Picking” by Alfie-Jay Winters

“All the Pretty Memories” by Leimoti

“Read Between the Lines” by Alex Ora

“A Lot Like Love” by Bonn Fields

“For What Is Right” by Trevor Kowalski

“Frosty Tale” by Ludvig Moulin

“Barefoot Adventures” by Adriel Fair

“Forest Trekking” by Adriel Fair

“Globetrotter” by Adriel Fair

“Hide” by Benjamin Monday

“Longing For Home” by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

“For One Brief Day” by Francis Wells

“Forever Hopeful” by Kikoru

“Shine From Within” by Alfie-Jay Winters

“Sleeping Among Stars” by Gavin Luke

“Rocky Road” by Dream Cave

“Particles” by David Celeste

“Miscellany” by David Celeste

“In Full Bloom” by Dream Cave

“I Get Up” by Shiver Disk

“The Absolute Thing” by Million Eyes

“Nerve” by Dream Cave

“Tumbling Part 2 (Scaled Down Version)” by Peter Sandberg

“Hunters” by Isaac Williams

“The Storyteller Squad Theme (Instrumental)” by The Becker Sisters

“Autumn Falls Theme” by Radovan Jekic

“Togetherness” by Bonn Fields

“The Whispered” by Kateryna Storcheus

“Engulfed in Light” by Clarence Reed

“As a Gift” by Francis Wells

“Safe Space” by Million Eyes

“Felicity’s Theme” by Isaac Williams

“She is Whimsical” by Arthur Benson

“The Happiness We Once Knew” by Dream Cave

“Thoughts in the Rain” by Elm Lake

“Private Firm” by Dream Cave

Tracks by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com) 

Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

More Tracks and SFX courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com