The Storyteller Squad: Expanded Universe – 03. Great Lakes & Giant Problems (featuring The Monster’s Playbook)

For this episode, we follow a haggard group of heroes from Minnesota as they attempt a well-deserved vacation trip to Lake Michigan. As every hunter knows, romance, rest and relaxation can only last so long in a world full of magic and monsters. Gigantic threats loom on the watery horizon, so join Natalie and the cast of The Monster’s Playbook for some midwestern mayhem in this 3rd episode of our multi-podcast crossover series. Let’s have an adventure! 

SPOILER WARNING – This episode contains story beats and details that are drawn from The Monster’s Playbook main campaign, up to Season 2 Episode 11. Exploding Boy Pt. 3  

The Storyteller Squad: Expanded Universe is a collaboration series of one-shot adventures featuring Natalie as Keeper, running Monster of the Week for the casts of other ttrpg podcasts. These stories are loosely set within the canon timeline of our main campaign, but are not meant to imply canon events for the other podcast series or characters. Each crossover episode can be enjoyed as a standalone piece of content, however, there is an over-arching storyline connecting each episode to the next. We hope you enjoy this new series as much as we did making it. Our beloved hunters from Autumn Falls will return with more main campaign episodes once this first round of crossover episodes are released.

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“The Monster’s Playbook Theme” – Jonny Grubb

“Vernal Equinox” by Drift Far Away

“Dharma (Instrumental Version)” by Blood Red Sun

“Tranquility Lane” by Dawn, Dawn, Dawn

“Into Pieces (Instrumental Version)” by Amos Noah

“Can’t Win Me Over” by Pip Monday

“Western Call” by Cody Francis

“What You Do In Life” by Gold In June

“For the Rest of My Days” by Gold In June

“See You In Montana” by Grip City Cronies

“Like Home” by Jakob Ahlbom

“Covert Affairs” by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

“Trigger Warning” by Marten Moses

“A Hero Will Know” by Bonnie Grace

“Nerve” by Dream Cave

“The Final Cut” by Hampus Naeselius

“I Have Hope” by Howard Harper-Barnes

“Light-Footed” by Bonnie Grace

“Choose Wisely” by Dream Cave

“The Wilderness” by George’s Town

“Can’t Come Down” by The Tap Room

“Demure” by Ever So Blue

“Point of No Regrets” by Eoin Mantell

“For Dear Life” by Bonnie Grace

“Titans” by Dream Cave

“Apollo” by Dream Cave

“Colossus” by Dream Cave

“Where No Man Has Gone Before” by Dream Cave

“The Great War” by Jon Bjōrk

“Decisions Must Be Made” by Jon Bjōrk

“Step On Up” by Rockin’ For Decades

“Hordes” by Jo Wandrini

“There Are No Heroes” by Philip Ayers

“Ambushed” by Dream Cave

“When All Else Fails, Use Fire” by Adriel Fair

“Knight’s Templar” by Adriel Fair

“The Demon’s Smile” by Martin Klem

“New Guerilla Tactics” by Eoin Mantell

“One Last Mission Left” by Eoin Mantell

“Physical (Instrumental Version)” by Parellite

“Guardians” by Dream Cave

“A Million Upheavals” Edgar Hopp

“One Last Mission” by Niklas Johansson 

“The Story Begins” by Hampus Naeselius

“Throbbing Anxiety” by Dream Cave

“Frightening Notion” by Dream Cave

“Hail Mary” by Edgar Hopp

“Dark Depths” by Ted Beattie

“Your Arms” by A Month of Sleep

“Perhaps Tomorrow” by Indigo Days

“Her Own Device” by Gavin Luke

“$2 Creature Feature Outro Theme” by Jason Myers

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