The Storyteller Squad: Expanded Universe – 04. Kicking Ass on Assateague Island (featuring $2 Creature Feature)

The conclusion to our 4-part series is here! The beaches of Ocean City have been shut down after several human hearts wash ashore. A trio of loosely acquainted and even more loosely qualified paranormal sleuths are drawn into strange and dangerous goings on which they might not be cut out to handle. Join Natalie and the cast of $2 Creature Feature as we reach the exciting conclusion to our multi-podcast crossover series. Let’s have an adventure!

SPOILER WARNING – This Episode contains story beats and details that are drawn from $2 Creature Feature’s 2nd Season, up to Episode 3. What Lies Beneath The Sofa.

The Storyteller Squad: Expanded Universe is a collaboration series of one-shot adventures featuring Natalie as Keeper, running Monster of the Week for the casts of other ttrpg podcasts. These stories are loosely set within the canon timeline of our main campaign, but are not meant to imply canon events for the other podcast series or characters. Each crossover episode can be enjoyed as a standalone piece of content, however, there is an over-arching storyline connecting each episode to the next. We hope you enjoy this new series as much as we did making it. Our beloved hunters from Autumn Falls will return with more main campaign episodes once this first round of crossover episodes are released.

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“$2 Creature Feature Theme” by Ian Mauldin

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“It’s in the Details” by Sight of Wonders

“Main Street” by Mica Emory 

“A Warm Welcome” by Martin Landstrom 

“Outbound & Down” by Elliot Holmes

“The Neurotic Detective” by Eoin Mantell

“A Slight Advantage” by Max Anson 

“The Detective” by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen 

“Reveal the Truth” by Philip Ayers

“To Pirate Cove” by Adriel Fair 

“When Fealty Fails” by Jon Bjōrk

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“Conspiracy Inc.” by Alec Slayne

“Critical Thinking” by Philip Ayers

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“Night Facade” by Jon Bjōrk

“It’s Not That Serious” by Arthur Benson

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“When All Else Fails, Use Fire” by Adriel Fair

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