The Storyteller Squad: Expanded Universe – 05. Zeke the Monster (featuring Monster Hour)

In this adventure, we meet, Zeke, a friendly little monster from Denver Colorado. Zeke sets off on a whimsical adventure with his friends to seek out a well known cryptid who might know where Zeke came from and what he really is. Settle in for a truly wholesome adventure full of lovable creatures, friends helping friends, and the most cozy lofi energy we’ve crammed into an episode in quite a while. Welcome back to the Expanded Universe Adventurers~! 

The Expanded Universe series is back! In this second set of crossover episodes, we’ll be sharing stories from the world of our Autumn Falls campaign, which take place after the events of Episode 60. and 61. Natalie will once again be the Keeper for our guest casts from other podcasts. These stories are loosely set within the canon timeline of our Autumn Falls campaign, but are not meant to strictly imply canon events for the other podcast series or characters. Each crossover episode can be enjoyed as a standalone piece of content. We hope you enjoy our return to this series as much as we enjoyed making it. Our beloved hunters from Autumn Falls will return with more stories for the main campaign soon. 

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“The Wilderness” by George’s Town

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“Stegasaurus” by Margareta

“A Classic Noir” by Mary Riddle

“Silly Hunt” by Rossier

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“Keyless Entry” by Esme Cruz

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