56. Mothgirl – Not Sponsored

Fleeing the scene of Snallygaster’s attack, the hunters seek shelter at Koraline Duskheart’s secluded influencer mansion. Aidan’s ex seems friendly enough, but can our heroes really trust this eccentric and misanthropic cryptid? Hopefully they can avoid making things awkward until after she teaches them how to use dream-walking magic against Beelzebub and the other Demonlords.

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“Try and Catch Us Now” by David Celeste

“DB Cooper” by Craft Case

“Sphinx” by David Celeste

“Shine From Within” by Alfie-Jay Winters

“Fuchsia Badusha” by Jobii

“House of Wonder” by Tomas Skyldeberg

“Tutto Bene” by Trabant 33

“Spotless” by Stray Bandit

“Easier 4 Me” by Sum Wave

“Troubled Lines” by Alfie-Jay Winters

“Sun Melt Waves” by Oman

“Inconvenient Truth” by Kikoru

“Person of Interest” by Dream Cave

“Coastal Romantique” by Trevor Kowalski

“Pressure Drop” by Max Anson

“Let Her Know (Instrumental Version)” by Jontha Links

“Feel the Breeze” by Tomas Skyldeberg

“Where I Belong” by Oman

“Be Free With Me (Instrumental Version)” by Siine

“Fireplace Guardian” by Experia

“Hold Me Tighter” by Rupert Sachs

“Light Em Up (Instrumental Version)” by Daniel Gunnarsson

“Making Me Feel Alright (Instrumental Version)” by Caro Be & Leviate 

“Highlander” by Andre Aguado

“Sparkles” by Daxten

“Sunken Meadow” by Jobii

“Resting My Eyes” by Timothy Infinite

“Positronic Emotions” by Oman

“We Lift This” by Imprismed

“That Moment” by Tomas Skyldeberg

“Let Us Overcome” by Tayler Watts

“Summer Crush” by Maiwan

“Summer Vibe” by Tomas Skyldeberg

“Lonely Hearts” by Gavin Luke

“Soft Expectations” by Gold in June

“What I Lost” by Stephan Rozier

“A Bright Smile” by Mica Emory

“The Little Things (Scaled Down Version)” by Josef Bel Habib

“Dream of Memories” by Cody Butler

“Growing Love (Scaled Down Version)” by Josef Bel Habib

“Sleeping Among the Stars” by Gavin Luke

“Starlings” by August Wilhelmsson

“Heaven Can Wait” by Million Eyes

“Let’s Talk About Love (Instrumental Version)” by Loving Caliber

“Autumn Falls Theme” by Radovan Jekic

“Engulfed in Light” by Clarence Reed

“Arcane Sun” by Max Anson

“Blood, Rust and Dust” by Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen

“Truce No More” by Dream Cave

“Titans” by Dream Cave

“Celestial Forces” by Edgar Hopp

“A Lucid Affair” by Dragon Tamer

Tracks by Alexander Nakarada (www.serpentsoundstudios.com) 

Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License

More Tracks and SFX courtesy of www.epidemicsound.com